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Letter of Inquiry Stage

Bay Health Foundation (BHF) provides grants one time per year and has a two stage grant process. All first-time applicants interested in being considered for funding from BHF must submit a Letter of Inquiry (LOI). In addition to submitting a LOI, at this stage you will also be asked to provide a copy of your organization’s IRS Tax Exempt status letter. LOIs must be submitted on or before Wednesday, October 4, 2023.

Application Stage (by invitation only):

 2024 BHF Grant Application Process – PDF

After initial review, a subset of organizations will then be approved to move on to the second stage of the process and will be asked to submit a full application.

All questions should be directed to Karen Thomason, Executive Director, either by email at kthomason@bayhealthfoundation.com or by telephone at (850) 818-0565.