Providing health care services to the people of Bay County


Step 1: Complete a Letter of Intent (Deadline: Oct. 4, 2023 for the 2024 grant cycle)

No longer than 2 pages. Include the following:

  • Name of organization, mission and history
  • Purpose for which your organization would like funding
  • Health issue(s) you seek to address
  • A description of who will be served
  • Anticipated outcomes
  • Other participating Organizations
  • Amount of funding requested
  • Names of other funders and amount provided
  • A description of the time frame
  • Contact person’s name, address, e-mail, phone and fax numbers

Response to the Letter of Intent

    • Based upon a review of the Letters of Intent, the Foundation will invite selected organizations to complete a grant application.
    • The Foundation will respond to all Letters of Intent in a timely manner.

Step 2: The Grant Application has three parts:

    • Cover Letter
    • Supporting Document
    • Attachments

1. Cover Letter to Application

    • Two page maximum, text or bullet point. Should include in this order:
    • Date of application
    • Legal name of organization
    • Address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail address
    • Name, title and phone of CEO
    • Name of contact person (if different)
    • Mission statement of organization
    • Paragraph summarizing organizations history
    • Brief summary of purpose and activities
    • Brief summary of the grant application proposal
    • Annual budget and fiscal year
    • Dollar amount being requested
    • Funds will be used for what purpose (General operating support, project support, start-up costs,capital, endowment, planning or technical assistance)
    • Time period the grant will cover
    • Should be signed by CEO or Board President

2. Supporting Document: Three page maximum, should include in this order:

    • Statement of needs/problems to be addressed, including description of target population (including geographic region to be served)
    • Description of project goals and objectives
    • Plan of action to accomplish the goals and objectives
    • Timetable for implementation, if applicable
    • Plans for evaluation, including how success will be defined and measured, plans for using results

3. Attachments

    • Most recent audited financial statement
    • Current annual budget
    • Revenue sources for the last complete fiscal year
    • Project budget, if applicable
    • Most recent annual report, if available
    • Board of Directors list
    • IRS determination letter indicating 501(c)3 tax exempt status, and most recent Form 990 tax filing, if applicable
    • Names, titles, and bios of senior management

Application Review Process

    • Initial review of all applications by Staff
    • The Grants Committee will review applications and forward recommendations to the Board. The Board will review and make the final determination and the funding amount. Following Board approval, applicants will be notified of their funding status and amount.
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